Visitors from Kuwait and Oman praise Katara Eid Festival

 28 Jun 2017 - 8:44

Visitors from Kuwait and Oman praise Katara Eid Festival


Visitors from Kuwait and Oman have praised the various entertainment activities in Qatar during Eid Al Fitr holiday, commending Katara's Eid festival and its attention to Arab heritage and presenting it in an amusing fashion.

Nasser Al Ajamai, a Kuwaiti national, said that Katara, which he was visiting for the second time, is a cultural, touristic and social project that "reflects Qatar's civilisational vision and its keenness on the welfare of its citizens and visitors", adding that the project "has become widely famous across the Gulf region because it provides visitors with all kinds of entertainment and fun in an intimate family atmosphere."

Abdullah Karam, also from Kuwait, described Katara as a comprehensive cultural and touristic city in the region that speaks to the cultural and urban renaissance in Qatar. "What I saw during my first visit to Katara is more than wonderful. It deserves this leading status as an ideal destination for Gulf citizens on holidays," Karam said, expressing delight about Katara's offerings of entertaining performances and interesting cultural segments.

Omani visitors echoed the same impression about Katara. Naji Haidar Al Balushi said he was visiting Katara for the first time with his family after hearing about it from friends and media and "I was surprised about the various cultural and entertainment programs that it offers, which entertain families" in a warm atmosphere. "It really deserves to visited several times and I'll put it on top of my destinations during my future visits to Qatar."

Although Ali Al Hamadani, another Omani visitor, was in Katara for the sixth time, he said that every time he finds different entertainment activities, adding that Katara is "the most beautiful place to spend Eid and holidays" as it features "culture, entertainment and knowledge and has the necessary facilities for any tourist in terms of restaurants and cafes that offer the best in world cuisine."

Adnan Al Buraiki, also from Oman, highlighted Katara's attention to heritage, noting that it brings together all forms of heritage in the same place as the different activities "take you on an entertaining journey through our Arab heritage treasures and delve into the depths of the past."

The second day of Katara festival drew wide public attendance as visitors enjoyed artistic and drama performances as well as dazzling fireworks that added an atmosphere of joy excitement, in addition to a theater play featuring stories from Arab heritage that attracted huge numbers of visitors.

Khaled Abdulraheem Al Sayyed, the head of the festival's organizing committee, said they were keen on presenting new and innovative concepts that "combine our original Arab heritage with its interesting tales and sophisticated modern technology," noting that the performances are drawing wide audience from several nationalities, especially Gulf visitors who chose Qatar as their Eid holiday destination.

Al Sayyed added that Katara has provided all services and facilities for the visitors such as transportation from and to parking areas, drinking water, special cars for people with disabilities, an information centre, restaurants and cafes, and ATMs.

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