Gulf crisis will pass and dialogue is the only solution: Arab League official

 23 Jan 2018 - 13:10

Gulf crisis will pass and dialogue is the only solution: Arab League official


Tunis: The Gulf crisis will pass and can only be solved through dialogue, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League and President of the Tunisia Centre Dr Abdullatif Obaid, said stressing that the links of brotherhood that brings together the Arab world in general and the Gulf countries in particular, are deeply rooted and based on belonging to one identity, which is the Arab Islamic identity.

In statements to Qatari newspaper, Al-Sharq, Obaid said that the GCC countries are particularly capable of overcoming what has happened thanks to the dialogue, which will deepen further and further, and thanks to the good Arab mediation, especially by Kuwaiti.

He noted that the Arab League was established to achieve a high level of cooperation and solidarity among the Arab countries and has succeeded in establishing cooperation in all fields such as education, culture, security, military affairs, trade and economy. However, this cooperation is still inadequate.

With regard to the Libyan crisis, Dr Obaid said that the General-Secretariat of the Arab League attaches great importance to the Libyan file. He underlined that there is no solution to the Libyan crisis except through a peaceful solution based on dialogue and adherence to basic principles, foremost of which is Libya's unity of soil, society, authority and institutions. Regrettably, the progress on this path remains limited, as evidenced by the violent incidents that continue to occur from time to time.