QTSBF and QTA to promote Qatar as sport capital of the world

 15 Feb 2018 - 0:55

QTSBF and QTA to promote Qatar as sport capital of the world


Doha: Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation (QTSBF) signed a partnership with Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) to promote the State of Qatar as the world’s sports capital through competitions hosted by Doha at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex, with the participation of the world’s best players.

The contract was signed by Secretary General of QTSBF Tariq Darwish Zainal and QTA’s Chief Marketing and Promotion Officer Rashed Al Qurese.

The partnership is the first of its kind between the two sides, QTA will join the sponsors of Qatar Total Open to give it more momentum, reflecting the prestigious position of sports in Qatar.

Secretary-General of QTSBF Tariq Darwish Zainal expressed pleasure to announce the new partnership with QTA, which is spearheading the promotion of Qatar as the best sports tourist destination in the Middle East.

Zainal added that Qatar Total Open tennis tournament has been a major sporting event and prestigious organizational tournaments that gathers the best female players in the world, so it deserves to be a sports tourism brand in the State of Qatar.

Secretary-General of QTSBF stressed that this partnership comes within the framework of the efforts of QTSBF to support sports and athletes in the State of Qatar and to emphasize Qatar’s leading role in organizing the biggest sports event in the region. He expressed hope that the QTSBF’s partnership with QTA will be continued and strengthened in other fields.

He added that the partnership with QTA will lead to further promotion and publicity to the tournament which attracts the largest number of female players after the Grand Slam tournaments every year.

QTA’s Chief Marketing and Promotion Officer Rashed Al Qurese said that QTA realised that sports have a unique ability to unite people and attract its fans from all over the world, so sports tourism has been included into the four main areas of the new phase of the national tourism strategy.

Al Qurese also added that QTA collaborated with the organizer of global sporting events to highlight Qatar as a destination for sports and leisure tourism by positioning Qatar as a tourist destination in prominent places of stadiums and in the promotional video of the tournament filmed at Al Shaqab to attract the attention of millions of spectators and tennis fans around the world.