Thales Group to reinforce Qatari presence

 14 Mar 2018 - 0:00

Thales Group to reinforce Qatari presence

By Satish Kanady / The Peninsula

DOHA: Thales Group, the global technology leader with a major presence in Qatar, is set to further reinforce its operations in the country through local partnerships.

The French international company that designs and builds advanced defence systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security market, is also in talks with

Qatar on how to implement its new applications both in civil and defence domains, Pascale Sourisse (pictured), Senior Executive Vice-President, International Development, Thales Group, told The Peninsula in an exclusive interview.

Pascale was here to attend the opening session of DIMDEX 2018, the high-profile defence expo in which Thales showcased its cutting-edge solutions.

“In Qatar, we are looking for opportunities in various sectors like defence, security, aerospace and ground transportation. We have opportunities basically in all these fields….. Thales is in Qatar and in the region, not simply as a supplier. We offer these solutions as long term partners. Our intention is to localise activities in Qatar, establish partnership with Qatari companies and really transfer the necessary competencies in technology to Qatar for Qatar to be able to fully master the system, they will deploy,” Pascale said.

Thales intention is to put in place new partnership with Qatari companies. It is not just limited to training but beyond training. The approach is to really transfer technology, transfer the means to Qatari Competence Centre.

Thales has been present in Qatar for over 35 years and is currently playing a critical role to help the country keep pace with the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, an era where technology is rapidly transforming life and societies.

Recently, Qatar renewed its trust in Thales as it ordered 12 Rafale omnirole combat aircraft. Thales provides a number of state-of-the-art items of equipment and systems aboard the Rafale.

Thales is present on the Airbus A321 fleet of 50 aircraft bought by Qatar Airways. Thales equips all Airbus Aircraft cockpits including A321. Thales is also involved in the operational and maintenance of Doha Metro and Lusail Light Rail Transit System.

Thales is currently proposing its ‘Underwater application’ to Qatar. Thales believe the system will really ll really complement the other types of sensors that Qatar is already radar sensors, optronic sensor those are being deployed on ground and in the air ; and to complement this types of censors would certainly make a lot of sense to use underwater sensors.

“The more and more users will be operating autonomous platforms to carry this type of sensors and gather lot of information. This information coming from variety of sensor will be gathered in Big Data basis. The Big Data analytics that we are offering will also provide very useful information to react to understand the situation with a very good degree of accuracy and will be able to react extremely quickly or event prevent certain threats from being materialised,” Pascale said.

“We are discussing with all our customers in Qatar on how to implement new technologies for different types of applications.... how to better support systems to move from reaction when after there has been a problem to predictive maintenance, which will enable to maximize the availability of the system and minimize the cost of cost of maintaining them.

That’s the typical type of application. “ For Thales, the Middle East has always been very important region. The group earns more than 10 percent of its revenue from the region. “We believe that this region will continue to be very important for the group going forward. …We intend to have more and more competencies localized here in this region to be able to serve our customers in a very close manner. So that is the trend you should expect from us going forward.” “We dedicate a very large proportion of our revenues to innovations and R&D. Every year we spend 20 percent of our revenues in R&D that represents a lot. Thales revenues are now close to 16bn euros, as per 2017 numbers. Key priority in our investment in R&D is digital technologies and this makes lot of sense that what we do in Qatar together with our customers”, Pascale said.