CADD Arabia announces ‘Connecting Dots’

 14 Jan 2018 - 11:36

CADD Arabia announces ‘Connecting Dots’

The Peninsula

CADD Arabia has announced the launch of Connecting Dots, a Psychological Entertainment and Motivational Talk Show.

The first of its kind featuring Mohammed Rafi, Behavioral Scientist and Motivational Speaker and Nipin Niravath, Inspirational Speaker, well known for his performances on TV and stage shows around the world.

Mohammed Rafi is a person who can bring transformation through his Innovative Coaching programs and Motivational Speeches using the most modern scientific peak performance coaching tools to those who wish to excel in any area of their lives including sports, business, personal relationships, and health.

He shares his expertise to help individuals and teams and organisations to achieve excellence and higher productivity in their respective areas of work.

He is an Internationally Certified NLP Trainer who studied directly with NLP Co-creator Dr John Grinder and Peak Performance Coach and Life Transformational Specialist.

He has also been rated as one of the top trainers by various government organisations in India.

He is a certified trainer in fire walking, broken-glass walking, rod bending, tile breaking and fire ball eating.

He has done numerous training in leadership, mind power, NLP, peak performance and fire walking in multiple segments including IT, ITES, Retail, Government, Sports personalities, Hospitality and Educational Institutions across the world.

Nipin Niravath is considered to be one of the greatest inspiration speakers in India.

He is also a famous psychological entertainer, illusionist, and a mind reader.

He has been putting on breathtaking performances for the past 2 decades through his shows on stage, television, private events, and corporate shows.

He has been increasingly known by millions of people around the world from his appearances on TV shows and news programs.

His performances of mind reading, miraculous prediction and thought influencing have earned him international acclaim as the best inspirational speaker and psychological entertainer in the country.

The event will take place at the Nashira Ballroom in Hilton Hotel, West Bay. Gates will be open from 5pm and the show will commence at 5:30pm up until 9pm.

Book tickets online at or contact us at +974 33608187.


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