Kazakh President stresses further industrialisation

 13 Jan 2018 - 9:25

Kazakh President stresses further industrialisation

The Peninsula

DOHA: President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev (pictured) says it is crucial to continue work on further industrialisation of the country.

In his annual State-of-the-Nation Address “New Opportunities for Development Amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, President Nazarbayev stressed that processing sector should become more innovative and based on the new technological mode.

“In 2018, we need to commence the development of the third five-year plan of industrialization focused on the development of ‘digital era’ industry. It is necessary to implement a pilot project on digitalization of a number of Kazakhstani industrial enterprises and, then, disseminate this experience,” the address reads.

At the same time, President Nazarbayev reminded it is necessary to develop and test new tools of modernization and digitalization, said a press release.

The country needs its own ecosystem of developers of digital and other innovative solutions for Kazakhstani innovative centers, including Nazarbayev University, the Astana International Financial Center and the International technological park of IT start-ups.

The Kazakh leader also instructed to take steps to eliminate unemployment and adapt the national system of education, communications and the sphere of standardization to the needs of new industrialization.

He said that Kazakhstan has overcome many of the global challenges and is entering a phase of intensive economic transformation. Country’s long-term development strategy until 2050 is being implemented. 

The nation is undertaking reforms within the framework of the National Plan of 100 Concrete Steps. Systemic efforts are being made to facilitate industrialisation. The country has passed constitutional reforms, and embarked upon the Third Modernisation. 

Complex measures are being taken within the Rukhani Zhanghyru programme (Modernisation of Kazakhstan’s Identity programme). The Digital Kazakhstan program has been adopted. Facing that today humanity is entering an era of a new industrial revolution and modern technologies are changing the world, global technological shifts bring about both challenges and new opportunities for growth, this is a historic chance for Kazakhstan to rapidly join the top 30 most developed countries.

President’s vision is focused on the country’s development in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and he sees 10 priorities that need to implement.

First, Kazakhstan’s industry must become the flagship for the introduction of new technologies. Countries manufacturing industry needs to increase labour productivity through the digitisation of manufacturing chains and the adoption of modern business models.

Second, it is necessary to significantly improve the efficiency of our resource use. Information and technological solutions should be applied in order to achieve this.

Third, Kazakhstan must raise agricultural industry to a new technological level.

Fourth, a further development of the transportation and logistics infrastructure.

Fifth, the application of modern technologies in construction, housing services and utilities. New construction methods, increasing the requirements for energy efficiency of buildings and the introduction of intelligent infrastructure management systems will improve the quality of life of Kazakhstani citizens.

Sixth, a “Reset” of the financial sector. Measures to enhance the banking system should be accompanied by increased supervision and take into consideration the interests of ordinary citizens.

Seventh, a new quality of human capital. All levels of the education system have to meet the realities of the modern world and demands of the economy. 

Eighth, effective public administration. Digital technologies will allow to continue business deregulation, improve the quality of public services and state support, and help better meet the needs of citizens.

Ninth, the rule of law and the fight against corruption remains a priority of State policy. Regarding this point it is known that last year Kazakhstan held an event – International Day Against Corruption with an International Scientific and Practical Conference on “Modern anticorruption standards and development of international cooperation”.

Tenth, the introduction of “Smart City” technologies, that will allow Kazakhstan to effectively solve the problems of growing cities and increase their attractiveness for investors.

Today, all need to concentrate on achieving these ten tasks.