10 Jan 2018 - 11:27

OHCHR confirms violations

The Peninsula

The UN technical mission from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has now confirmed grave violations of human rights continuously being committed by Saudi-led quartet by imposing unjust siege against Qatar.

It is another confirmation from a global organization of the concerns Qatar and its National Human Rights Committee has been raising regarding blatant violations of human rights of the people of Qatar and other GCC countries being committed by Saudi-led alliance since the blockading countries severed not only diplomatic relations but also cut land, sea and air routes with Qatar in June last year.

The report submitted by the UN technical mission from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is a fact-based document prepared after rigorous ground work in form of extensive interactions with the victims of the siege during the mission’s visit to Doha between November 17 and 24 last year.

President of the QNHRC, Dr Ali bin Sumikh Al Marri has welcomed the report of the OHCHR Technical Mission saying: “We welcome the content of the report despite some observations regarding the statistics of the affected people, as well as insufficient attention to some violations.”

Condemning the decisions and measures taken by the blockading countries, Dr Al Marri said that the report had affirmed in a non-interpretive manner that the measures adopted by the blockading countries were arbitrary and unilateral and explicitly violated international law, the principles of international relations and human rights conventions.

Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (QNHRC) has rightly called upon the government to avoid accepting any solution to the existing crisis or engagement in talks with the blockading countries before lifting of human rights violations and injustices and redressal of the sufferings of the victims.

The National Human Rights Committee which has done a tremendous job in the last seven months to highlight siege-related human rights violations at all regional and global forums has also announced that it will circulate the OHCHR report to all international and regional organisations and the global alliance of national human rights institutions and all international parliaments.

The report clearly indicates that the population of the Gulf countries at large has been affected by the suspension of freedom of movement between their countries and its repercussions on various civil, economic, social and cultural rights of people. The report has also highlighted considerable economic impact of the crisis with significant financial losses for the State, companies, and individuals.

Owing to judicious decisions of wise leadership of Qatar, the country has absorbed the economic shock of siege and all designs of the blockading countries to harm Qatar through prolonged blockade have virtually failed.