08 Jan 2018 - 10:36

Remarkable achievements

The Peninsula

It was a year of great achievement for Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation ‘Kahramaa’ which achieved many feats in 2017. The Corporation achieved success in upgrading electricity and water networks, developing strategic water reserves, developing strategic management systems, and providing quality services to its customers.

Kahramaa’s achievements has proved that the Corporation was not impacted by unjust blockade imposed by siege countries.

In the electricity sector, production increased in 2017 to 10,170 megawatts with the entry of the first stage of the production of Umm Al Houl power plant of 1612 MW, the consumption of 7855 MW and the surplus of 2300 MW for emergencies and economic growth.

The project is expected to provide at the end of all stages of the project during the second half of next year 2520 MW of electricity.

With regard to the transmission network, Kahramaa in 2017 upgraded the efficiency of the electrical transmission network through its implementation of maintenance plan as well as saving about QR75m.
In 2017, 60 terrestrial cables and overhead lines for high and high voltage were launched, raising the capacity of the network to meet the increasing demand for energy in line with the development of state projects in all fields.

It succeeded in facing the demand for electricity, which reached its peak in August 2017. There were no electrical failures in the electrical system during the peak period in the summer, where Kahramaa took precautions to reduce the rate of power cuts compared to global rates.

During the year, the contracts for the 13th phase of QR8.3bn were awarded to a number of vital projects that serve development projects in various regions of the country through the construction of stations and cables, which will help in upgrading the infrastructure of the electricity sector.

The year witnessed tremendous growth in water-related facilities. Kahramaa is implementing a number of projects to upgrade strategic water reserve and secure them to various regions of the country through strategic tanks, pumping stations and transmission lines.

The total production capacity of water reached 454.7 million gallons per day in 2017.

The year marked the official opening of Kahramaa Awareness Park last April as a unique science platform in the world. The park received more than 25,000 visitors from all sectors of the country, especially the education sector.

During 2017, Kahramaa completed all work in the workplace, services and projects for nearly 60 million working hours without any occupational diseases, and carried out more than 100 field inspections of project operations to ensure that occupational health and environment standards conform to national legal requirements and global standards.The stellar performance of the Corporation shows that there will more such success stories in coming years.