03 Dec 2017 - 11:54

Ministry unveils FIFA-related business opportunities

By Satish Kanady / The Peninsula

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has unveiled a slew of business opportunities related to 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The projects that range from mechanical and electrical opportunities to green space and security sectors would be launched on behalf of Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy.

The opportunities available in mechanical and electrical sector include stadium cooling systems, supply of central air conditioning equipment, chillers, and air handling and terminal units. 

There are opportunities for supply and installation of elevators. The work in connection with elevators, include testing and commissioning.

The majority of the elevators will be of the machine room-less type, with speeds of 1.0 or 1.6 metres per second.

Elevators will be in accordance with the EN81 set of codes, including compliance with EN81-20, EN81-50 and EN81-70. A number of the lifts will be for fire-fighting use in accordance with EN81- 72.  Estimated demand for proposed FIFA World Cup Stadiums is 110 units. The timeline for procurement is 2017-2018.

Business opportunities are available in the supply and assembly of smoke and fire detectors, and manufacture and supply of fire alarm panel frames, along with supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fire hose reel cabinets, pipework and sprinklers.

Estimated demand for the stadiums firefighting systems include 2,480 fire hose reel cabinets, 512,000 metres of firefighting pipework, 152,000 sprinklers, 400 firefighting systems, fire detection systems, 8,800 heat/smoke detectors and 3,200 call points. The timeline for procurement is 2017- 2018.

There are also opportunities for manufacture and supply of sewage, dewatering, irrigation and chilled water pipes and fixtures. Existing Qatari companies can access this opportunity. An estimated 1,400,000 metres of pipeworks are needed for the stadiums.

A total of 1,500 units of generators of various capacities are need for different stadiums. There are opportunities for supplying temporary generators and related small power distribution to ensure safety and comfort of spectators at events.

Business opportunities are available illumination, cooling, refrigeration for catering services and spectator operations. Whilst permanent infrastructure already accounts for redundancy generators, large temporary and overlay structures will require additional power generators. The procurement timeline is 2017-2020.

There are huge business opportunities in the ICT sector as the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is looking for installation and maintenance of high-quality server infrastructure, which will be used to house and manage data generated by stadium control systems.

Local companies can partner with international distributors. Installation, long-term equipment maintenance and replacement parts 250 units of varying capacities ae needed for various stadiums.

There are also opportunities for installation of a Wi-Fi solution comprising access points, antennae and wireless LAN Controllers, and management systems that allow wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi to provide reliable wireless access to support a mix of back-office and fan access applications.

There are opportunities for supply and installation of permanent broadcast cabling solutions, including triax, coax, ethernet and fibre optic cabling to strengthen the existing local market.

Opportunities are available for installation of building management systems (BMS) in stadiums that will control and monitor stadiums’ mechanical and electrical equipment, such as ventilation, lighting, power LV electrical systems, fire systems and security systems. Local companies can partnerships with international distributors.

In the seating and stadium floodlight system, the organizers are looking for sourcing, installation, repair and maintenance of stadium floodlighting and associated control systems. The estimated demand for stadiums is 5,700 high-performance LEDs and associated control systems.

Business opportunities are also available in the “green space” segment. They include maintenance and repair of natural and synthetic turf and pitches for football, tennis, handball, basketball and other sports; and design, manufacturing, distribution, installation and maintenance of pitches and turf.

The estimated demand for landscape service is 2,500,000 square metres of stadium pitches and 410,000 square metres of training pitches.